Steven T. Hennek

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Leigh J. Klaenhammer

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Divorce Attorney Vadnais Heights, MN

The experienced divorce attorneys, Steve Hennek and Leigh Klaenhammer, provide legal representation to clients throughout Vadnais Heights, MN. Our Minnesota divorce attorneys understand the decision to seek a divorce is never an easy decision. Spouses that are seeking a divorce have generally weighed all options and are seeking a better life for themselves and their family. We understand how difficult it is to reach this decision and how stressful divorce can be on a family, it is our goal to relieve some of this pressure.

Our family law services include, but are not limited to:

Our team can help you find the best approach for your situation. We can explain to you in understable terms the process and laws that govern child support, custody and more. We approach a divorce case by thinking about long-term issues as well as the short-term. Once a divorce is final, you still need to consider division of retirement interests, property distribution and transfers of real estate and titles, and more. We can help you devise a plan that works for you.

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Family Law Attorney Vadnais Heights, MN

Hennek Klaenhammer Law, PLLC are experienced family law attorneys in Vadnais Heights offering professional legal services to clients in Vadnais Heights, MN and the entire state of Minnesota. Our family law firm is sensitive and understanding to the emotional, psychological, and financial issues that arise in a divorce. We will always keep you informed throughout the entire process to ensure you always understand what is happening at any given time.

Our Family Law Services Include:

Family law issues are seldom easy – even the positive cases such as adoptions take time and can be very stressful. Our experienced team can help with all your family law concerns and issues.

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Legal Separation Lawyer Vadnais Heights, MN

Has your living situation in Vadnais Heights, MN became substantially more complicated and you are looking for a legal separation? If that is the case, Hennek Klaenhammer Law, PLLC located in Vadnais Heights, MN handle all aspects of divorce law including legal separation. This is an option for couples who do not wish to legally dissolve their marriage, but no longer wish to live together, share property or income.

While the marriage is not being terminated, most of the other issues involved in a divorce must similarly be addressed in a legal separation. The process can be equally expensive and a complicated. Our firm has years of experience with legal separation cases. We will keep you informed throughout the process and walk you through each and every step.

Legal separation still consists of:

The only difference between legal separation and divorce is that you are still married when your Decree for Legal Separation is entered.

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