Collaborative Divorce, Minneapolis, MN

The divorce attorneys at Hennek Klaenhammer Law, PLLC conveniently located in Roseville, MN offer a variety of divorce legal options to clients throughout the region. In addition to contested divorces, reaching agreement through alternative dispute resolutions is another option. In this circumstance, both parties are usually in agreement and wish to move forward having to have a judge determine any issue. This type of divorce is usually more civil and less complicated. That doesn’t mean child support, custody, spousal support or property division aren’t still factors to be ironed out.

The benefits of a reaching an agreement using an alternative resolution process includes:

  • Minimizes conflict
  • Quicker than contested divorce and trial
  • Promotes cooperation and respect between parties
  • Generally cheaper as it tends to not include a trial
  • Allows both parties to control the outcome of their case, instead of the leaving it to a judge

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