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Hennek Klaenhammer Law, PLLC., in Roseville, MN offers a child custody legal services to those wishing to seek a divorce in the Twin Cities metro area. We also offer child custody legal services to those parents who have never been married.

There is nothing more difficult for a child than seeing their parents get divorced. They have so many questions and sometimes even blame themselves. To help ease this difficult time for them, hire our experienced family law attorneys to iron out the details and the complications of child custody.

Under Minnesota law, there are currently four types of child custody arrangements available to families. We help our clients work out the one that is right for their children and circumstance:

  • Sole legal and sole physical custody
  • Joint legal and sole physical custody
  • Joint legal and joint physical custody
  • Joint legal custody with a parenting plan

Physical custody deals with where the child’s primary residence will be and arranging a parenting time schedule. Legal custody deals with a parent’s authority to make decisions on the child’s behalf with regard to such things as where to attend school, what church to attend, medical care and similar issues.

In some cases, one parent will be given sole physical custody and the parties will share joint legal custody. In other cases a parent will be awarded sole physical and sole legal custody, and sometimes the parents will agree to share joint physical and joint legal custody. In every case, our Saint Paul child custody attorneys work diligently to secure the best possible outcome on your behalf. We help you build the strongest possible case and do everything in our power to ensure that your parental rights are protected.

If you and the other parent cannot agree, the court will make the decision, based upon what is best for your child, including the following factors:

  • the reasons why each parent wants to have the child;
  • the reasonable preference of the child, if that child is of sufficient age to express a preference;
  • who the child’s primary caretaker has been in the past;
  • the relationship between the child and both parents;
  • the relationships and interactions between the child and other people (grandparents, boyfriends, other siblings);
  • the child’s adjustment to his or her current life (home, school, community) and whether it will be harmful to take him or her away from this environment;
  • the mental and physical health of all parties involved;
  • the capacity of which each parent will be able to provide a loving, safe and guiding environment for the child;
  • the child’s cultural background; and
  • whether there have been instance of domestic abuse.

We Are Ready to Help

Divorce and family law matters such as custody disputes are often emotional and painstaking issues. Our experienced divorce lawyers will do everything they can to address and alleviate all your concerns and tensions. We strive for the best outcome possible for not only you, but also your children. We understand that deciding to break up your family can be a very difficult decision, but sometimes it is the best for everyone involved.

Let us make the process as smooth as possible for you. We offer over 50 years of combined experience in Minneapolis family law and your first consultation is always free.

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