Post Decree Motions Minneapolis, MN

The divorce lawyers at Hennek Klaenhammer Law, PLLC located in Roseville, MN handle all aspects of divorce law including post decree motions. This includes any motion made after the divorce has settled.

Post decree motions include:

Our experienced lawyers are qualified to handle all aspects of your divorce proceedings, including those brought after the issuance of your final divorce decree. We will fight for you and ensure you receive the best results possible.

Our attorneys can assist you in filing motions to modify custody or parenting time if it is in your child’s best interest. If you are trying to move out of state you may need to modify custody or parenting time.. We can assist you in modifying your child support or spousal maintenance if your financial situation changes. Our attorneys can assist you in interpreting and enforcing the terms of your Judgment and Decree and/or addressing violations of the Judgment and Decree by either party, including financial obligations, debt division and property distribution.

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